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Excel Intermediate Course Self Led Videos

Ready to grow your Excel skills beyond the basics? Unlock the secrets of time-saving shortcuts and expert tips with our Excel Intermediate Course.

  • Do you want to save time with Excel by learning loads of shortcuts and tips?
  • Do you want to impress your boss with your Excel knowledge?
  • Does that promotion mean you need to understand how to structure data and filter?
  • Have you completed our Excel Introduction course, and are keen to build on your new found knowledge?

Our Excel Intermediate Course will build on your existing knowledge enabling you to work with Formula, Tables, Charts, and multiple sheets.

What you will learn in the Excel Intermediate Course

  • Using Absolute Cells in a formula
  • Working with different sheets including linking formula, grouping sheets, and copying
  • Using Tables and why they are so important
  • Filtering and sorting a table
  • Using conditional formatting to make data stand out in your table
  • Creating and formatting charts
  • Using the IF formula

Discover the Excel Intermediate Course: Self-Led Videos

Impress your colleagues and superiors as you delve deeper into the world of Excel, mastering crucial elements that will set you apart in the workplace.

If you’ve completed our Excel Introduction course and are eager to expand your expertise, this is the next step. This course focuses on empowering you to work effortlessly with formulas, tables, charts, and multiple sheets, taking your data manipulation to the next level.

Each concept is explained through concise videos, each under 15 minutes long. Accompanying these videos is a practice work file, allowing you to apply your newfound knowledge in real-time. Plus, there’s an answer file for validation, ensuring you’re on the right track as you progress through the 18 comprehensive videos. At a pace of one video a day, you’ll master the course in less than a month!

After absorbing the content, challenge yourself with the quiz. Achieve an 80% score to earn your certificate. No worries if you don’t make it on the first try; revisit the videos to reinforce your understanding.

Take the next step toward Excel mastery. Elevate your data manipulation skills and excel in your professional sphere with our Excel Intermediate Course.

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Key Information

  1. Each step is exampled in clear videos.
  2. There is a work file, so you can practice alongside the video, and an answer file so you can check what you are doing.
  3. Each video is less than 15 minutes long.
  4. There are 18 videos in this course.
  5. If you did one video every day, you could complete the course in less than a month!
  6. You will need 80% to get a certificate.