Excel Introduction – Online Course


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Are you struggling to learn Excel?

Do you need to know Excel for your existing job, or want to apply for a job that requires basic Excel knowledge?  This course will teach you how to create, format and edit a spreadsheet. You will learn about creating a formula and understand how the different parts of Excel work.  It is a great foundation for starting your Excel journey.

Each step is exampled in clear videos.   There is a workfile, so you can practice alongside the video, and an answer file so you can check what you are doing.  Each video is less than 15 minutes long.  There are 17 videos in today.  If you did one video every day, you could complete the course in less than a month!  Once you have watched the videos, complete the quiz.  You will need 80% to get a certificate.  Don’t worry if you don’t do it first time, you can always go back to the videos and have another go.

The subjects covered in this course are:

Excel Screen

What is a spreadsheet

Cell references

Entering and Editing Data

Data Formats (Number, Currency, General, Date, %)

Working with Rows and Columns



Formatting text and data

Creating Formula (Calculation)

Copying formula and sequencing

Totalling Figures


Printing and Page Layout

Functions Min/Max/Average/Count/counta