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Word/Computer for Beginners courses

Has your job role suddenly changed to involve a computer?  This can be one of the hardest transitions to make if you have gone from a hands-on role using machinery, or been working on a building site or suddenly been promoted to a role that involves a computer.  You have all the capability and the skills for the role, but suddenly you are faced with preparing management reports, compiling data and emailing.  A laptop or computer is placed on your desk and you are expected to know how to work it.

We come across this scenario frequently, and there is an expectation that employees should just get on with using the computer without any training or assistance.  This pressure can affect the overall performance, and instead of an employee getting on with their job (that they are perfectly capable of), they start to worry about how to complete the reports, and how to use their emails.  Often this can be a cause of immense stress.

However, if employers would understand that a day or so of training can make the difference.  Our training courses are not like school.  Groups are small, and we fit the outline to the delegates.  All the terminology is explained, and hands-on practice helps reinforce the learning.  When they have completed the course they go back to work, able to concentrate on the task at hand, not on the computer!  We have a Word/Computer for Beginners course avaliable.   Get in touch for more information.

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