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Using Sections in PowerPoint

Are you working with long PowerPoint Presentations?  Use Sections to divide your presentation into manageable chunks.

We all know that we should avoid have death by Powerpoint. And that we should have as few slides as possible. However, sometimes for corporate presentations, or reasons beyond your control you have a large number of slides in your presentation.   To make the presentation easier to work on and edit, you can divide your presentation into sections.

1. Right-click between the slides on the Navigation Pane. Choose Add Section.

2. Name the Section as required. Use the triangle to Expand or Collapse the Section.

3. If you Right click on the Grey Area in the Navigation Pane you will get more options.

Move Section Up and Move Section Down are really useful for moving whole sections of your presentation.

Collapse All would only show the section headings, and allow you to concentrate on the Section you are working on.

Expand All would show all the slides within each section.

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