Fast Formatting – Speed up formatting your long documents in Word


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Fast Formatting – Speed up formatting your long documents in Word


1 September 10 to 11.30 am


Online via ZOOM

Why should you do this course

Want to save yourself a tonne of time when formatting documents?

How long do you spend messing around with formats to ensure consistency, cutting and pasting to move stuff around, and trying to find where you are in a document so you can edit?    This course will give you tips on how to quickly format, move chunks of text around and produce a Table of Contents.   Finally, you can spend less time formatting and more time doing the task in hand.

This course is a MUST if you produce large documents, manuals or guides to systems and processes.


How long is the course?

Length  1.5 hours

What is the cost?

Cost to attend (includes recording)          £25

What resources do I need?

You will need access to Microsoft Word.  You will also need a laptop or PC if you want to follow along.    You can watch the course on a tablet or phone, but will not be able to follow along.

The course will be run on Zoom.  It is useful to have headphones to help with the sound quality and concentration.

Will there be a recording?

If you have paid to attend the course, you will automatically be sent a recording so you can practice at your own pace.