Is your Inbox groaning under the weight of unsorted mail?

If our Mailbox becomes too cluttered it can cloud our judgement, make us feel overwhelmed, and prevent us from focusing on the main task.

If you are using Outlook, here are a couple of tips to help clear up unwanted mail. This should be done using the Outlook App on your desktop rather than the Online Outlook.

1. First of all, change the sorting order of your emails to FROM.

2. Each sender will be shown in grey with all the emails relating to that person listed below the grey grouping bar.

3. Right click on any of the grey grouping bars.  Select COLLAPSE ALL GROUPS.  Only the sender will be shown.  You can click on each grey group bar to expand one particular group, and see individual emails.

4. Now look down the list. If there are junk emails listed, it is easy to delete the whole group by clicking the grey group bar and pressing delete.  Also any mailings you know longer want from particular people can be deleted.

5. Go through the emails and delete any you don’t want. You can also move them to other folders by dragging the grey group bar heading over to the new folder.  Everything from that person will be moved.

6. When you have completed your clean up, right click on any grey grouping bar and choose EXPAND ALL GROUPS. Change your sort back to DATE.

7. Sometimes I repeat the same thing but sort by SUBJECT, and then I can delete or move emails about a certain project.

Good luck – and enjoy a clutter free week.

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