How to Inspect a Document or Presentation

Have you ever seen a document that is meant to be the final version but still has a draft watermark, or you can still see the track changes?  Maybe you have received a Powerpoint file from an organisation that still has the Speaker’s notes attached or comments included.  This can look unprofessional and have disastrous results for the sender.

All of this is easily avoided.  Word, Powerpoint and Excel have an INSPECT DOCUMENT feature that allows you to look for hidden edits such as Notes, Track Changes, Document Properties and Comments.

  1. Save the file (or save a copy if you wish to preserve the edits)
  2. Select FILE, INFO. Select CHECK FOR ISSUES, then Inspect Document
  1. Click INSPECT. It will search for any issues, and then give you the option to Remove All.  Remove any unwanted information.  Close the dialogue box.

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