Email Marketing Hints and Tips

How do you send newsletters and mailings to your customers?  Using email marketing enables you to send out numerous mailings to address lists, as well as keeping customers details confidential.  You will get a report on how many people have opened your email, what links they click on, and even the peak time for opening your mailing.  Here are some hints and tips on email marketing using Mailchimp (one of the many email marketing tools available).

Mailchimp is free!

It is free providing your subscribers remain under 2000 across all your lists.

Keep Subject Lines Short

According to Mailchimp, the best subject lines are short, descriptive and provide the recipient with a reason to open the email.

Personalise your Mailings

Mailchimp finds that personalised emails (with First, Lastname or location) have far better open rates.

Create a Sign-up Form

This is a good way to grow your list and encourage new subscribers.  People will be able to signup to your newsletter from Facebook, and Twitter.

Don’t copy and paste directly from Word

The coding between the two programmes doesn’t mix well.  Mailchimp provides a Paste as Plain text editor.

Keep it short and sweet

Don’t make your mailing too long!  People will just give up reading it.

Don’t remove the Footer!

You must retain information shown at the bottom of the mailing.  This will contain your company contact details and an unsubscribe button.

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