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Beginners Training Case Study

The Problem

Jenny had her own laptop but was struggling to use it.  She wanted to do a video call with her family in New Zealand, take part in Zoom meetings and store photos that her family were sending her to show to others.

The Training

Andrew started by doing online training as the country was in full lockdown.  However, Jenny found this difficult so when the restrictions were relaxed. Andrew undertook some one to one training with Jenny.  He went through how to use the computer concentrating on the features that would enable Jenny to use Zoom, Facebook Video Calls and photos, giving her the opportunity to practice, and repeat the process.  As the weeks went on, Jenny become more confident, and finally was able to engage in regular calls with her daughter, and access her family photos.

The Results

Training Jenny has given her the ability to make video calls to her daughter on the other side of the world using social media platforms. By having short, regular sessions she is able to practice to ensure she has the confidence and ability to use the computer to do what she wants to do.

She has been able to make a collection of family photographs from social media and emails, and access and manage several of her online accounts.

Client Feedback

“I started having training because I’m a technophobe and I needed someone with patience to educate me as I was clueless. I now understand a lot more about the computer and the symbols on screen. The training has opened avenues that were previously considered blind alleys to me, and I now feel more confident on the computer and I’m no longer in a muddle. I wanted to keep up with the family around the world and I can now do this.”