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Helen of Vue IT teaching man 121 training for word

Beginners Training Case Study

The Problem Jenny had her own laptop but was struggling to use it.  She wanted to do a video call with her family in New Zealand, take part in Zoom meetings and store photos that her family were sending her to show to others. The Training Andrew started by doing online training as the country

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How long do you spend working in Excel a day?

This was a question posed on Linked in the other day.  However, maybe the question should be how long do you spend working effectively in Excel each day?  Could your time be used more efficiently by using the correct functions and shortcuts.  Are you spending ages copying and pasting or re-entering data wondering if there is a

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AutoSave… again!

This little box has got a lot to answer for! Once again I got caught out! I opened a file in Word, started working on it and the Autosave saved the new version. Goodbye original file!!! I should know better. I need to change my working practices. When I open a file, I need to

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Using Sections in PowerPoint

Are you working with long PowerPoint Presentations?  Use Sections to divide your presentation into manageable chunks. We all know that we should avoid have death by Powerpoint. And that we should have as few slides as possible. However, sometimes for corporate presentations, or reasons beyond your control you have a large number of slides in

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Focused Inbox in Outlook – Love it or Loathe it?

Does the Focused inbox on Outlook drive you mad? How often do you find something if it has been automatically moved to the OTHER Folder when you didn’t want it to. You will be pleased to know that it is easy to switch off. Web-Based Outlook If you are using the Web-based version of Outlook, select the

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Word/Computer for Beginners courses

Has your job role suddenly changed to involve a computer?  This can be one of the hardest transitions to make if you have gone from a hands-on role using machinery, or been working on a building site or suddenly been promoted to a role that involves a computer.  You have all the capability and the

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How to Inspect a Document or Presentation

Have you ever seen a document that is meant to be the final version but still has a draft watermark, or you can still see the track changes?  Maybe you have received a Powerpoint file from an organisation that still has the Speaker’s notes attached or comments included.  This can look unprofessional and have disastrous

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